Multiple Teams · Football Fundraiser

The Mt. Healthy Football team is participating in the following fundraiser. 

The fundraiser is associated with a company called Fund-Pass.  Fund-pass is an app that you download onto your phone.  This is how it works.  You go to the link below and purchase an access code for $20, which is good for a year.  This access code helps you log into your Fund-Pass app and gives you access to discounts all throughout the United States.  The great thing about this app is that it’s good anywhere you go in the U.S.  You have discounts from numerous pizza places, fast food restaurants, movies, shopping, automotive etc… over 100,000 locations.  This is much better deal than a Groupon or any discount card you could purchase.   We usually sell discount cards (Owl Card) but this a much better deal for the money.  We are asking for your support.  Although we greatly appreciate your support this app will pay for itself over and over.  It is a great deal!  Thanks again for your support.

 Steps to purchase:

 Go to link below and purchase access code.

  1. Download Fund-Pass app onto your phone.
  2. Register, enter the access code and start saving!

If you have any questions, contact Coach Crouch at